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Social Media Intern

The social media intern will work closely with the team to create engaging content for our various social media channels. They will also assist in managing our social media accounts, including responding to comments and messages, monitoring analytics, and perform other job-related duties assigned by the team.

Duration: Sept 2022 - Feb 2023 (6 months)

This is a paid internship


  • Currently in Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) - Polytechnic/ITE

  • Skilled in Photoshop, Canva, etc

  • Have experience in using social media tools such as Instagram and Facebook

  • Hybrid work environment (virtual & in-person)

Join our events

At our events, you can expect to discuss interesting topics related to faith, opportunities to interact with diverse people of faith and non-faith, and enjoy / complain over food and drinks (pre-pandemic!). 

Whether you're a youth or a youth-at-heart, we welcome you to our circle!

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Volunteer with us

IYC is completely volunteer-run, and we're always looking for more hands on deck to expand and keep running our programmes. Some areas that we could use more help with are social media marketing, content creation, writing and design.

If you have a skill or idea that you think would be great to contribute to IYC, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Get trained as a facilitator

Becoming an SR facilitator inculcates you with useful and transferable skills, which would allow you to navigate difficult conversations in general with poise and an open attitude.

If you're keen to a become a part of our pool of facilitators, make sure that you participate in some SR sessions first, and indicate your interest with us!

You must have attended at least 1 IYC Scriptural Reasoning session to begin your journey as a facilitator.

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Collaborate with us

If you're an organisation or representative with an interest in interfaith advocacy, IYC is also open to partnerships / collaborations with you! Some ways that we can work together include:

- Provision of space for IYC to host events
- Partnering to broach a relevant subject matter through a faith / belief slant (e.g. caring for the earth)

- Tapping on our mutual networks / audiences to participate in our programmes
- Investing other resources


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