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These are cooperative, constructive, and positive interactions between people of different faiths and beliefs. 

As with Scriptural Reasoning, the aim of interfaith conversations are not for its members to come to a consensus. Rather, it is about exploring multiple perspectives across faith and belief boundaries, learning from and understanding one another, and building friendships.


There is enormous value in exposing ourselves to diverse perspectives. Over time, traditional stereotypes of what is 'other' to us are broken down.


Dismantling these barriers allows us to build deeper friendships across divides, based on the appreciation (not just tolerance!) of our differences and an understanding of our common values.

Coming from different places
(Is it worth discussing if we disagree?)

Certain topics that we broach require a degree of sensitivity, but our facilitators are there for you!


Our job is to create a safe space for interfaith conversations to happen, model the attitude and ways to put points across respectfully, and to manage the flow of dialogue.


Ultimately, the aim is for us to learn how to disagree better.

Fear of conflict
(What if we start arguing?)

Platforms we have created


Scriptural Reasoning

Understand one another’s differences, by learning more about the scriptures of other faith communities as well as your own

Break Bread, Build Bridges

Fostering interfaith friendships across various faith groups by opening doors to the homes of other communities during festive periods

Poetry Tapestry

A safe platform to forge a deeper connection with people of faith and non-faith through a shared language of poetry and creative expression



Bringing together various youths from faith and non-faith communities to engage in dialogue, followed by a meal together at sunset in Ramadan

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